Bloggers & Brides Wedding Gath Pictures

firstly we would like to thank all visitors who came to our booth and placed their orders. we had some flaws but heck we had so much fun entertaining everyone! :)

it was very tiring but the experience we gained is priceless! we'll definitely improve our products and services further.. yey :) and we would like to thank the organisers for promoting MarryMe & DigitalSyndicate! now more people know that we're under the same roof and run by the same couple :)

according to diah, about 200ppl registered for the event but i guess the turn up was pretty HUGEEEE!! congrats diah and friends - anil, qis, ashylla, amy, jai etc. (sorry if ive missed any names). they truly deserve a standing ovation for organising such happening gath! :) hopefully there'll be more wedding gath coming up hehehe..

here's some of the pics captured by my husby from DigitalSyndicate. for more pictures pls visit: and tag yourselves if ure in the pics :)


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