Pretty Packaging

hi all! just to inform that we are no longer supplying marshmallows due to some unforeseen circumstances. we still do packaging though, all are made-to-order and can be customised according to your needs. please contact us for customised orders.

Designs available:

For Kids:

For wedding/engagement/other events:

For 2-side label printing:
50-100pcs = RM3/pc (min order 20 packs)
101-300pcs = RM2.50/pc
301-500pcs = RM2.30/pc
500-900pcs = RM2/pc
1000pcs onwards = RM1.80/pc

For 1-side label printing:
50-100pcs = RM2.50/pc (min order 20 packs)
101-300pcs = RM2/pc
301-500pcs = RM1.80/pc
500-900pcs = RM1.50/pc
1000pcs onwards = RM1.30/pc


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