Idea: Pretty Cake Plates

When I first 'moved' to blogspot, my initial plan was to share all things interesting about weddings - favors, flowers, theme colour, dresses, and the list goes on. As per my previous post, I have shared one interesting item I found through Etsy and these cake plates are too cute not to be shared!  (I LOVE the magical background music! Make sure you switch on your speakers! Oh, by the way I LOVE all things french too! :)

Well, it was love at first site when I came across Clara French Ceramiques.. If you are looking for something truly personal, Clara French offers personalized cake plates for every guest. They can work with the color scheme of your wedding with their custom glazing process. But I doubt they they would deliver to Malaysia :(

I wish i own some of these cake plates! Something different, yet classy for all events, not just weddings. Kan? I WANT one!


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